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Every Full Moon we come together as a sisterhood using the energies of the Full Moon to explore, heal and delve deeper into the relevant areas of our own lives.  

We begin our ritual by pulling a Moon oracle card to tap into her ancient wisdom for guidance, we then discuss how living with the lunar cycles and astrology enables us to come into alignment with living our most fulfilling, expansive life.  

Following on from this I give journaling prompts for guidance to work with the Moon's energies, a yoga practice and a powerful guided meditation to draw down the energies of the full moon.

Monthly Moon Circle

Dates for 2022

Capricorn Full Moon
Saturday 9th July


Virgo Full Moon & Spring Equinox
Saturday 19th March 

Libra Full Moon
Saturday 16th April 3:00pm
Fully Booked

Scorpio Full Moon
Saturday 14th May

Fully Booked

Sagittarius Full Moon
Saturday 11th June